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Building Waste Skip Bin Hire

Building Waste – Skip Bins for Hire makes use of our 6 m3 Skip Bins with a 3 or 7 day short term rental. Or a 30 day one month long term rental option. To dispose of the waste responsibly and keeping costs low. Please ensure that Building Waste Skip Bin Rentals are only loaded with: Concrete Bricks and Sandstone. Pebbles, rocks, roofs, floor tiles and other construction debris.

The general rule of thumb is that Skip Bins can only hold the weight according to their cubic size. For example, a 6m3 Skip Bin holds a maximum of 8 tons of waste. The other rule is that we cannot load waste past the frame of the skip.

We do not have a license to remove hazardous building waste like treated timber, concrete additives, asbestos, contaminated soils, preservatives, adhesives, paint, varnish, solvents, fluorescent light tubes, and lead-acid batteries.

We have three rental options to choose from which are

  • 3 Day Rental
  • 7 Day Rental
  • 30 Day Rental