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Rubble Removal

Rubble Removal That’s Reliable

Rubble Removal – Have you got unwanted junk lying around your home or business. Perhaps you’ve got left over Concrete or Building Rubble from a former renovation project. As the saying goes. “One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure”. In our case, it’s our bread and butter. From 1 Ton Bakkies up to 14 Ton (10 Cube) trucks, with labor and dumping fees included. Call Rubble Removals On 083-627-6880 Now For Low Prices and Reliable Same Day Service.

Cheap Rubble Removal

RWe provide many Waste Management and Waste Removal Services including Office Rubbish Removal. Home Junk Removal. Garden Rubbish Removal and Garden Waste Removal. Building Rubble Removal. Tree Removal and Tree Removal Services. Deceased Estate Clean Ups. Demolition Debri Removal. Garage Junk Removal. Unwanted Refuse. Waste Collection. Scrap. Rubbish. Construction Debri Removals. Strip Out Removals. Hoarders Cleanup. Same-Day Rubbish Removal. House Demolition. Garden Waste Removal. Tree Removal. Site Clearing. Wait And Load. House Moving Clean Up. Waste Removal. Garbage Removal. Debris and Organic Waste. As well as Man With A Bakkie Removal In.

Rubble Removal Services

Here at Rubbish Removals in is the perfect service for people who have moved into a new home. And there is plenty of old junk you can’t get rid of. It’s also the ideal service if you’ve done building renovations. Displayed below are the four main Waste Types we remove.

Household Rubbish Removal

HHouseholdousehold Rubbish Removal in provides Household Waste Rubbish Collection in. As well as Commercial Rubbish Removal in. This includes clearing out items like Fridges. Freezers and other White Goods like Appliances. Building Waste and Renovation Waste. Garage Junk and items no longer needed when moving home. Garden and outdoor waste. Business and warehouse waste and anything else that’s junk to you we will remove it. Our Rubbish Disposal in commonly uses the 4 ton and 8 ton trucks. With labour included in our prices, all you need to do is point to what you want gone.

Office Waste Removal

Office Waste RemovalOffice Waste Removals – We provide reliable and affordable Office Rubbish Removal. Whether you need us to collect regular office waste. Or a once-off clear and clean. Commercial Waste Removal’s is your finest office. We can also help you with electrical. And IT equipment disposal and recycling services. WE CANNOT REMOVE hazardous office waste like Oil, Medical Waste or Nuclear Waste.

Garden Refuse Removal

Garden Refuse RemovalGarden Refuse Removal – Garden Waste is organic matter left over consequently from gardening. There are many common types of garden waste like grass. Flower cuttings, hedge trimming, bushes, tree branches, logs, tree stumps and soil. As well as Garden Waste or Rubbish Bags. Other types of garden waste include outdoor furniture. Our Garden Waste Disposal service typically uses the 1.2 ton Bakkie and the 4 ton truck. Included in our prices is the labour, our staff will load up all the garden, refuse onto the vehicles, you don’t need to do anything.

Building Waste Removal

Building RubbleBuilding Waste Removal and Building Rubble Removal is a by-product of construction. Like bricks, concrete, wood, insulation, electrical, plumbing, and metal. Other construction waste can include rocks, tree stumps and rubble. Construction Waste Removal in uses all our vehicles everything from our 4 ton trucks, 8 ton trucks and 14 ton trucks. Larger sites will often make use of our TLB’s and Bobcat’s.

Hazardous Waste

WE DON’T REMOVE is Hazardous Waste. We don’t offer Hazardous Waste Removal or collection services. This includes the removal of hazardous materials like Food Waste. Liquid Waste. Medical Waste. Sanitary. Document Destruction. Asbestos Removal. Paints and Solvents. Automotive Wastes like Used Motor Oil or Car Batteries. Pesticides. Mercury Containing Wastes. Batteries like Lithium. Nickel or Cell Phone Batteries. Medical Wastes like Medicines or Sharps. Ammunition or Radioactive Waste.

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Contact Nkux Logistics – Rubble Removal is a privately owned, registered and VAT trading, waste management company. We’re not part of the Ekurhuleni Municipality, and we are not a landfill site. We specialize in Waste Management and Waste Disposal Services including. Rubbish Removal, Building Rubble Removal, Garden Waste Removal. As well as Junk Removal in the. When you’re searching for Garden Rubble Removal Near Me. Rubble Removal Near Me or Rubbish Removal Near Me. Search for Rubble Removals. We’ve built up an excellent reputation over the years for delivering reliable waste removal at affordable rates.