Garden Waste Removals By Skip Bin Hire

Garden Waste

Garden Waste Removals

Garden Waste Disposal is an ideal service to get rid of all your green waste from the garden. Whether it’s soil, leaves, mulch or wood chippings. We take care of it all including old garden furniture. Garden Waste. Bushes. Branches. Weeds and Dead Plants. Wood Waste and Garden Trimmings. Cut Flowers. Tree Stumps, Leaves and Garden Pruning. With Garden Refuse Removal, the most common vehicles that are used are the 1.2 Ton Bakkie and 4 Ton Truck. Please keep in mind that all prices include labour to load so you don’t need to do a thing. We do not have a license to remove hazardous building waste like treated timber, concrete additives, asbestos, contaminated soils, preservatives, adhesives, paint, varnish, solvents, fluorescent light tubes, and lead-acid batteries. The general rule of thumb is that Skip Bins can only hold the weight according to their cubic size. For example, a 6m3 Skip Bin holds a maximum of 8 tons of waste. The other rule is that we cannot load waste past the frame of the skip.

  • 3 Day Rental – Short Term Rental Period
  • 7 Day Rental – Short Term Rental Period
  • 30 Day Rental – Long Term Rental Period

You will be charged for the skip bin based on your duration. There are no hidden costs. HOWEVER, once you go over your rental period, you will be billed for the additional days. You are responsible for loading your skip.

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