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Introducing Skip Bin Hire in Fourways part of Skip Bins For Hire from Nkux Logistics. The smart choice when it comes to reliable and responsible waste management. If you’re searching for Skip Bin Hire Near Me in Fourways, then look no further. Fourways Skip Bin Hire by Nkux has been in the waste management industry for more than a decade. We’re a registered VAT trading business. That provides Skip Bins For Hire in  Fourways. To Book A Skip Bin in Fourways is very simple and you can do it in many ways like.

Give us a call, send us an SMS, or WhatsApp message. Please include the type of waste you will be loading. Address where the skip bin must go. as well as the rental period you would like the skip for. Other ways are through our online Skip Bin Hire Bookings form, online chat, or sending us an email. We are members of IWMSA and EWASA.

What Are Skip Bins?

Skip Bins are large dustbins that get used to dispose of a variety of items, such as construction debris. General Rubbish Garden refuse and other junk you want to get rid of. Skip Bins come in many different sizes and get rented out for different periods of time. Here at Skip Bin Hire in Fourways we only have 6m3 Skip Bins for Rental in Fourways. These bins take up to 6 cubic meters of rubble. You’ve got the option of renting the bin for 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days. With the 30 day rental, you can schedule how many times the bin needs to get collected and disposed of.

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Types Of Waste We Remove

There is a lot of waste that Skip Bin for Hire in Fourways can take care of, and there are a few items we cannot take. Provided below is the list of waste we do take.

Building WasteBuilding Waste Removal

Building Rubble Skip Bin Hire in Fourways used to dispose of the waste and keep costs low. Please ensure that Fourways Building Waste Skip Bins are only loaded with concrete. Bricks, and sandstone. Pebbles, rocks, roofs, floor tiles, and other construction debris.

Commercial WasteGeneral Waste Removal

General Waste Skip Bin Hire in Fourways only load the General Waste Skip Bin Rental with things like shrubs. Grass clippings, and twigs. A few examples of light commercial waste are office furniture and appliances. Antiques, computer hardware, computer hardware, and paper.

Clean WasteClean Waste Removal

Clean Waste Skip Bin Hire in Fourways Clean waste refers to the disposal of a singular waste type. For example, only sand, soil, or grass. mixed with anything else like sand, soil, or grass. Concrete, bricks, paper, glass, or plastic, Fourways Clean Waste Skip Bin Rental

Household WasteHousehold Waste Removal

Household Skip Bin Hire in Fourways Fourways Household Waste Skip Bins are perfect for domestic clean-ups. house moves, garage clean-ups, and deceased estate clean-ups. Here is what you can put into the Skip Bin old and broken toys. paper. Clothes, paper, pens.

Garden RefuseGarden Refuse Removal

Garden Refuse Skip Bin Hire in Fourways Only fill the Fourways Garden Refuse Skip Bin Rental with light green waste like this. shrubs, grass clippings, and twigs. woodchip and bark with no soil. small branches and leaves. As well as any other green waste you need to get rid of.

Building WasteConstruction Waste Removal

Construction Waste Skip Bin Hire in Fourways are excellent for domestic or commercial projects. To ensure responsible disposal, please ensure you only load the skip bin. With occurring soil or dirt, bricks and sand. Get Fourways Building Waste Skip Bin Rentals for your building project.

Hazardous Waste

We cannot take any liquid, chemical, or hazardous waste. This is because that type of waste needs a special license for disposal. Hazardous waste includes items like food waste. Liquid Waste. From Medical Waste to Sanitary. Document Destruction, Asbestos Removal, Paints and Solvents. Used motor oil and car batteries are examples of automotive waste. Pesticide Wastes containing mercury batteries like lithium. Nickel or cell phone batteries. Medical waste like medicine or sharps Ammunition or radioactive waste.

Here are some important rules to follow when loading skip bins in areas. Extra fees get charged. Only load skip bins to the height of the skip bin and must not exceed the height. No liquid, hazardous, or chemical waste. We cannot dispose of it and it will cost you extra.

Pro’s vs Con’s Of Skip Rentals in Fourways

Like with most things there are the pro’s and con’s of Hiring Skip Bins in Fourways.

Disadvantages of Skip Bkin Hire in Fourways

  • You cannot move the bin once it’s placed.
  • Skip bins can take up allot of space especially if space is limited.
  • No labour included, you have to load the skip bins yourself.
  • You have the bin for a period of time and are charged when you exceed the rental days.

Advantages of Skip Bin Rental in Fourways

  • It provides a safer working environment instead of waste lying around.
  • Saves on time and money.
  • You can load skip bins with a wide variety of waste.
  • Convenience the skip bin is there you don’t need to wait for a rubble truck to arrive.


When do you empty the skip bin?

That all depends on the rental period, for example. If you select 3 days, then we come after the 3rd day to collect the skip bin. The same applies to the 7 day rental period. But if you choose the 30 day rental period, then we will collect. According to your schedule, we do need a 24 hour notice.

How long can I have the skip bin for?

You can rent our skip bins for either 3 day, 7 day, or 30 day periods.

Do the skip bins come with labour?

We do not, unfortunately, provide labor to load skip bins.

How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost?

Pricing is dependent on the rental period. Please get in touch with us to assist.

How big is your skip bin?

Dimensions: 3.3 × 1.5 × 1.2 m Capacity: 6m3 6 Tons